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Utility Billing Software

Utility Billing Software

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Muni-Link Utility Billing Software

Your municipality provides utilities residents can’t live without, like water and sewer service — but those utilities don’t come for free. You need a convenient, reliable way to bill and collect payments from residents for the services they use.

Muni-Link is a cloud-based utility billing software for municipalities. Our billing system makes it easy to manage customer accounts and the billing process.

With Muni-Link, it has never been easier to bill your customers for water, sewer, refuse, and more. Our one-of-a-kind Account Central allows you to manage every account’s address, customer information, services and more all from one screen.

Muni-link is also able to integrate seamlessly with your meter and accounting systems. Also, by using our cloud-based system, you can process billing runs and batches from anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll be able to shave time off the billing process without even having to be in your office.

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Utility Billing Software

About Our Software

Utility Customer Billing Solutions

The Muni-Link Billing module was designed with the help from 4 different water and sewer utilities (Design Partners) to fill a void in the marketplace for a state-of-the-art billing solution. Muni-Link Billing is constantly being updated with new features and functionality; all of which has been suggested by our customers based on the ongoing needs of this marketplace.

Muni-Link is not just an ordinary customer information system (CIS), we are so much more. When we first started Muni-Link we just handled Utility Billing, as we’ve grown we’ve added more and more modules to the core of Muni-Link. We have developed WebPresence (Customer Communications), Notifications, Service Orders, Backflow Inspection Manager, Customer Self-Service Portal, Loans, and Stormwater to name a few. We have also added numerous integrations. 

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Benefits of Utility Billing Software

Utility Billing Software

Software Benefits

In the past, municipalities had few options for customer billing and payments. Customers received paper bills in the mail and then either mailed in a check or visited the appropriate agency in person to make a payment with cash. As an alternative, our billing software offers the following benefits:

  • Cloud-based platform: Muni-Link is a cloud-based platform, which means our system is accessible from any device that connects to the internet. Residents can easily check on their bills and schedule payments from anywhere using our system. Our cloud-based platform also makes it easier for your municipality to process bills, as all you need is an internet connection.
  • Individualized attention: Adopting a new system requires a bit of time and effort. There’s usually a learning curve as your team members adapt and adjust to the new platform. We provide individualized attention to each of our customers throughout the implementation process. 
  • Streamlined payment collection: Missed or late payments cost your municipality money and time. Using utility billing software makes it easier for customers to automate payments or pay electronically, reducing payment delays. 
  • Improved customer service: No one wants to be put on hold, even if it’s just a few minutes. Muni-Link improves the customer service experience by simplifying communication and reducing wait times. Plus, if there’s a general announcement you need to make to all customers, you can do so easily through our software.
  • Real-time service tracking: When technicians have to travel to a customer’s home, our real-time service tracking feature allows for simplified service visit management and planning.

Utility Customer Information System (CIS)Utility Billing Software

Our utility customer information system has valuable tools ready to streamline your operations. We’ve grown over the years and have added additional modules to our core software, including:

  • Customer communications through WebPresence
  • Service order tracking
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Notifications
  • Backflow inspection manager

Muni-Link offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines operations. In addition to core software functionalities, it provides valuable tools such as customer communications through WebPresence, service order tracking, a customer self-service portal, notifications, and backflow inspection management.

By leveraging Muni-Link’s CIS, utilities can enhance their operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. This system enables utilities to optimize their revenue cycle, accurately bill customers, and enhance overall service delivery.

What Is CIS Billing


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) is a program developed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to test address-matching software and improve accuracy. It reduces undeliverable and unsortable mail and ensures that addresses are accurate. CASS Certification is built into Muni-Link, saving you thousands in mailing costs.


  • Muni-Link connects customers to their utility usage information. Our E-Billing and Web Portal allows customers to view electronic billing, usage, payment history and more. Among many other benefits, this will drastically reduce the amount of incoming customer calls.


  • The faster your customer service team can work, the happier your customers will be. Our Account Central feature puts all of a customer’s account information on a single page. Your team doesn’t have to sift through multiple pages to get the information they need, which reduces customer call times and saves hours of work.

A customer information system (CIS) in utilities goes beyond simple billing and payment functions. It plays a crucial role in the meter-to-cash process, enabling utility and energy providers to accurately measure and bill various commodities like natural gas and water, while optimizing their revenue cycle.

  • System Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Data Management
  • Security
  • Customization
  • Data Recovery

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Utility Billing Software