Deeply rooted in technology

Our parent company (Link Computer Corporation) was founded in 1980. Starting in writing custom software, Link quickly grew into a full-service IT firm with expertise in many areas of the IT industry. Link’s client base also grew to include a number of local governments and municipal authorities. While working with our municipal clients, we noticed a need in the industry for a modern billing software. With the assistance of four development partners, we were to develop a custom billing software solution for local counties and municipal authorities.

About Muni-Link Billing

Muni-Link is the only municipal billing software on the market with the unique distinction of being designed with input from four Municipal Authorities.

Muni-Link Billing is a cloud-based solution, allowing access to your accounts and information from wherever you are from any device. As a SaaS solution, Muni-Link Billing includes software updates as part of the package. It is easy to use and intuitive. Another added benefit of cloud-based software is that back-up and recovery systems are built-in and done automatically. Your data is now more secure than ever before.

About Muni-Link WebPresence

Much like the development of Muni-Link, WebPresence was created to fill an industry need for a more reliable, modern way to communicate with customers. Combining Link’s existing expertise in web development and knowledge of the utility industry with the assistance of industry development partners, we were able to build a website-based communication platform that provides a low-maintenance and easy-to-use way to communicate with your public.