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Utility Billing Software Features

Simplify your operations with Muni-Link’s utility bill management software. Our CASS-certified and cloud-based software streamlines billing, receipt of payment, penalties, interest and notifications. The intuitive and intelligent built-in features will save you time and money, boosting your productivity and accuracy.


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Benefits of Our Utility Billing Software

Our software is hosted at a world-class Tier-4 data center with 24/7 on-site security, making it far safer than that stored in a typical brick-and-mortar building.

We back up all of your data automatically, letting you save on in-house backup and recovery equipment and resources.

You can make the switch to our streamlined system in under 10 steps. We will equip your entire staff with personalized training and be with you when you go live.

Our team updates the system monthly and uses customer feedback to optimize operations. Updates come at no additional charge and require zero downtime.

We pride ourselves on first-rate service — 93% of our customer support calls are answered live during the call.

Our solution includes a table for any miscellaneous charges, enabling you to customize bills with a few clicks of a button. Our customers appreciate this capability for streamlining daily operations.

About Our Software

Muni-Link provides industry-leading solutions with cutting-edge features. Our utility billing software is the only solution entirely customized using input from municipal authorities. Our cloud-based, secure solutions enable authorized access to your accounts and information anywhere and on any device.

We also offer our WebPresence solution, which allows government organizations to instantly communicate with your public with an innovative, low-maintenance and easy-to-use platform.

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Partnering With Utility Billing Software Specialists 

Muni-Link is an unrivaled industry leader and sewage and water asset management software partner. We provide:

  • Decades of experience: We are a subsidiary of the industry-leading IT firm, Link Computer Corporation. Through that association, we’ve been partnering with various government authorities to gain valuable insights since the 1980s.
  • Utility billing software specialization: Our specialized solutions are designed to support utility bill management. Our team consults with local government authorities to tailor our product to your industry needs.
  • Innovative and customer-driven solutions: Muni-Link has an unwavering commitment to delivering continuing innovation and exceptional customer service. The team’s dedication has established us as industry leaders in optimizing billing processes for utility companies nationwide.


Streamline Your Operations With Outsourced Utility Billing Services

Muni-Link is the first and only exclusive municipal utility software provider. We specialize in implementing dependable solutions to streamline your operations that secures your data.

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