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Billing Support

Billing Support

Our Customer Support Team: Expert Assistance For Every Customer


The Customer Support Team provides a high level of ongoing support to our customers on calls, emails, and live chats following through each task until a solution is provided to the customer and reviewed to their satisfaction. The Customer Support Team works directly with customers helping to troubleshoot issues and resolve customer dissatisfaction. This includes analyzing a customer’s business operations, project and/or issue providing recommendations to resolve issues, improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction levels. They work closely with Customer Support Manager who leads the team while keeping track of deadlines and communicating support related items to the other departments. The Customer Team works well together to support the needs of our growing customer base.

Once you decide to switch to Muni-Link, the entire team will be available to you throughout the process. Our Customer Service Coordinator will contact you to tell you exactly what you can expect. First, we’ll send out an implementation specialist who will get to know everything about your day to day operations and billing processes. We’ll take care of the conversion process behind the scenes so that you won’t even notice that it’s happening. Our Customer Services Staff will train you and even process billing runs with you. You will be a Muni-Link expert by the time you are ready to go live with your new software! Plus, if you have a question, you will talk to a LIVE customer service expert every time.

We pride ourselves on excellence in customer service, and we have three full-time personnel dedicated to providing our customers support during business hours. Currently, over 93% of all incoming calls for Muni-Link support are answered live at the time of the call. Any calls that go to voice mail are returned within one business hour or LESS! We also offer email support and return emails within one or two hours; often even sooner. If you have a question or need support, we have you covered. And all of this is included with your low monthly subscription fee.

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Billing Support

Staying Informed

Muni-Link uses the red notifications box on the dashboard to inform all users of important items. Some common dashboard notifications include: Customer User Events, Office Closures, Server Maintenance, System Updates, and Webinars. We recommend checking the notification box often as messages will only show during the time in which they are relevant. Muni-Link also sends informational emails about events and updates. These emails can include new documentation for system features. Please contact the support team to add yourself or any others in your office to the contact list.

Billing Support

How Can We Help?

Muni-Link takes pride in the high levels of support that we are able to offer. We are here to help with anything
that comes up while using Muni-Link. The Support Team works to assist you as needed. We are able to work through your questions and many calls are resolved within one phone call. We may need to reach out to other team members for assistance with certain items, and we work to ensure you are receiving a timely response. There may also be times when the backend team will need to look into different items. When your questions are in the hands of another team, Customer Support works to ensure your needs are being addressed and that you know the status of your outstanding items and have an expected completion date once the backend team has finished their initial

Contacting Customer Support


The Muni-Link Customer Support Team is available to answer all your Muni-Link questions. Please either call us at (814) 822-1212 or email us at

We can be contacted from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST Monday – Friday and are closed on major holidays.

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