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WebPresence Features & Benefits

WebPresence Features & Benefits

Much like the development of Muni-Link, WebPresence was created to fill an industry need for a more reliable, modern way to communicate with customers. Combining Link’s expertise in web development and knowledge of the utility industry with the assistance of industry development partners, we were able to build a website-based communication platform that provides a low-maintenance and easy-to-use way to communicate with your public.

WebPresence expands your organization’s website to become a true portal, with the capability to access a host of educational resources and personalized information for community stakeholders. Muni-Link WebPresence is customized to meet your organization’s unique needs. Our solution will enable anyone you approve to easily post content and information including policies, forms, surveys, job applications, bid specs, calendar events and more…. All with absolute and convenient centralized editorial control.

A world class website built specifically for water and sewer providers; used by small and large municipal authorities alike. We are municipal authority website experts!

  • Customer communication made easy
  • Never an outdated website — we keep it fresh
  • Post news and announcements in real-time
  • Public Notification Wizard
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support
  • Extensive Content Library


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Modern Communication for Water/Sewer Authorities

Your customers are busy people. When they have a question about their bill or a concern about their utility usage, they don’t have the time to come to your agency in person or wait on the phone.

WebPresence streamlines customer communication management by providing your customers with portal access to your municipality. They can contact you with questions or concerns without picking up the phone.

The software makes it easy for your municipality to share information with customers. Using WebPresence, you can post surveys and collect customer feedback about your services. You can also post customer forms and policies easily. 

WebPresence Features & Benefits

Easy-to-Use Content Management System for Municipalities


Your website needs content — that includes everything from customer announcements to news to blog posts about relevant topics. 

Keeping your site’s content fresh and engaging can be a challenge, especially if no one on your team is particularly tech-savvy. 

We designed WebPresence specifically for the needs of water and sewer authorities in municipalities large and small. Since 2015, we’ve put together an extensive content library, which is open to all users of our platform. You’re free to post our content on your site to provide your customers with informative articles and blog posts.

Examples of content you might share on your website include:

  • Public utility news: Provide details on rate increases or billing updates. If you’ll be upgrading meters, let your customers know when to expect a visit.
  • Energy-saving tips: Use our content library to find and share tips on cutting down on water use or otherwise lowering energy use, giving your customers ideas on how they can reduce their bills and save money.
  • Seasonal tips and advice: Provide customers with tips and tricks to help them get through winter or summer without high water or sewer bills.
  • Calendar events: Share details about important events and give customers a chance to RSVP.

Using our content management system, you can create the posts on your own and publish them on your website or social media. You can also send news and updates to customers over text or email.

If all that seems like more than you want to take on, we’re here for you — our help desk is just a phone call away. Reach out to let us know what updates you want to make and we’ll take care of them.

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Utility Communication: Public Notification & Announcements


There are times when you need to notify the public of major events or planned outages. If a water main breaks or a chemical spills into a nearby river, your customers need to know what happened and what to expect.

WebPresence has a public notification wizard that makes it simple to push notifications to your entire customer base. Using our wizard, you get step-by-step guidance as you create a notification. You can then post the notice to your website for your customers to see. 

We offer several notification templates you can use, plus the option of creating your own. If you have questions at any point during the process, our help desk is available to answer them and support you. 

WebPresence Features & Benefits

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