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Utility Billing Software Integrations

Utility Billing Software Integrations

Utility Bill Software Integration

Muni-Link’s utility bill software integration streamlines application connection, improving efficiency and accuracy and centralizing your billing processes. Our integration manager enables seamless integration between customer information systems, utility billing software and utility systems.

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Simplified Integrations

Muni-Link’s utility management systems software integrates with:

Muni-Link offers real-time integration of various management solutions, streamlining the coordination of billing and fieldwork.

Our system connects with GIS, validating and plotting service addresses up to the minute. 

Easily integrate accounting solutions like General Ledger and Accounts Payable with Muni-Link.

We support any AMI or AMR meter reading system. 

Utility Billing Software Integrations

Our Cloud-Based Billing System Integration

Muni-Link provides industry-leading solutions to make your job easier. Our municipal billing software is the only product tailored to the utility industry using input from municipal authorities. Our cloud-based solution allows authorized access to your accounts and data anywhere from any device. 

We also offer WebPresence — an innovative, low-maintenance and reliable communication platform that enables instant communication with your public. 

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Utility Billing Software Integrations

Muni-Link’s Simplified Integration Process

Our utility cloud and billing integration simplifies operations for your teams. Integration capabilities include:

  • Efficient communication: Seamless communication between your operation, maintenance, billing and customer service teams.
  • Simplified workflow management: Generate, assign, manage and complete projects at the click of a button, mapping the details across your system concurrently.
  • Real-time updates: The system enables automatic workflow updates in the utility cloud with dispatch details. Billable work is assigned to the billing system automatically.

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Benefits of Integrating Your Solutions

Muni-Link is the first and only exclusive utility bill management software provider in the U.S. Our solution delivers:

Save on administrative costs like move-in and -out coordinations, meter re-readings, and activations or shut-offs with our system integration.

Communicate instantly with customers and field service to keep up with payments for shut-offs, work orders and replacements. Our platform integration enables you to send advance notifications to improve customer interactions. 

Our integration conveniently flags arrear accounts and automatically prioritizes follow-ups, increasing your efficiency. 

Leverage technology to measure the difference between revenue water and expected water volume across your network. Use these insights to focus your efforts on leaking or lost water. 

Optimize Your Utility Bill Management Services

Muni-Link’s integration management software makes connecting various applications simple. We have decades of experience helping utility companies streamline their systems. Our team designed our cloud-based solutions by consulting various municipal authorities, equipping us to offer easy implementation solutions and address your most critical needs. 

Once you’re signed on with us, our expert team will take you through a system integration to ensure your billing operation continues running smoothly and efficiently. View our steps to success to see what that process involves or book a demo to get started