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Billing Software for Local Government

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Local Government Software Solutions

Local governments manage an extensive list of responsibilities for the communities they serve. For that reason, government workers need systems that speed and simplify the tasks they handle every day.

Muni-Link provides cloud-based utility management and billing software with several integrated features. This software solution for local governments allows you to manage every aspect of processes like water and sewer billing from one central platform. It’s completely online for convenient access wherever you work.


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Billing Software for Local Government

The Need for Local Government Software

Work in local government differs from other industries. Local governments face challenges like limited technical knowledge and small staff. These factors lead to difficulty keeping up with the workload while maintaining customer satisfaction. Here are a few reasons local governments need tailored billing software: 

  • They handle large amounts of citizen data and must maintain compliance to secure the information. 
  • Outdated software programs leave your staff completing manual processes and paperwork, which slows your workflows.
  • Customers may come with billing discrepancies and disputes, and you need a way to communicate and resolve such issues. 
  • Utility billing can bring complex rate structures that change based on the citizen or business. 
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The Details of Our Software

Muni-Link provides Utility Billing and WebPresence software to improve local government billing processes. Our solutions meet all the challenges local governments face when handling billing. They are secure, efficient and easy to use. 

Our work for local governments began with the creation of Muni-Link Utility Billing. This customer information system took insights from four water and sewer utilities to create a billing solution based on the unique needs of the marketplace. One main dashboard displays all account information for customers, making it easy to answer questions. The solution has built-in workflows to speed billing runs, payment receipts and other tasks.

Over time, we’ve added integrations to assist with various duties your local government performs. These include a customer self-service portal, service orders, customer notifications and loan management. We also built WebPresence, a local government communications software. It lets you share information with citizens, including local policies, events, job applications and surveys. 

Muni-Link makes integrating these solutions easy with managers who handle most of the setup, just leaving the final review to you. We have support teams providing ongoing support with unlimited answers by phone, email or chat.

Why Choose Muni-Link?

When you need local government billing solutions, select a partner with specialized knowledge, excellent support and a history of success for clients. Here are a few reasons to work with us:

  • Our parent company began in 1980, meaning we have plenty of expertise in the technology industry. Muni-Link was formed later to provide dedicated services and solutions to local governments.
  • We offer a fully cloud-based solution, unlike many who provide local government billing software. You only need a web browser to access our tools wherever you are. 
  • Our case studies demonstrate a history of successful work with government clients. We’re ready to implement and support your utility billing and customer communication.

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Local Government Utility Billing Software Solutions

Turn to Muni-Link for utility billing software for local governments. We offer a cloud-based solution built with your operations in mind. Talk to our team online for more information.

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Billing Software for Local Government