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Water Utility Billing Software

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Water Utility Billing Software

Water and sewer utilities need high-quality water billing software to increase efficiency, enhance accuracy, improve security and provide a better billing experience for their customers. Muni-Link provides it. Our software as a service (SaaS) solution utilizes technology to automate billing processes, allowing you to spend more time on other essential tasks and less on billing.

About Our Software

Muni-Link Utility Software solves the challenges that water and sewer utilities face through cloud-based utility billing software. Our solution operates on a SaaS model, and you can access it wherever you are from the cloud. The system provides extensive functionality, including automated billing and invoicing, a customer self-serve portal, field service orders and customer notifications. 

Here are a few ways water and wastewater management software can enhance water billing processes:

  • Faster billing: The system includes built-in workflows to reduce time spent on payment receipts, billing runs and other processes. 
  • Better support: Get access to a live customer support specialist whenever you need assistance. 
  • Optimized security: Our cloud-based solution provides robust security and compliance through encryption and other added protections. 
  • User adaptability: We developed this system with input from municipal authorities. Our software includes a table for miscellaneous charges to customize bills as needed.

We also offer WebPresence, a customer communication management software that improves your utility’s communication with the public. Easily share information about significant developments or concerns. You can use the software to provide access to educational resources and other customized information to keep customers updated.

Water Billing Introduction

Water Utility Billing Software

Comprehensive Water Management Software Development

Billing processes for utilities can be complex and time-intensive, with many details to track and manage. Water and sewer utilities face several challenges regarding billing, including:

  • Complex rates:  Multiple tiers, seasonal variations in pricing, and differing rates for commercial and residential customers may cause a water or sewer utility to face billing errors or customer confusion.
  • Data management: Manual systems or outdated technologies can make billing more difficult. This difficulty can make security more complex and increase the time spent on billing tasks.
  • Customer base: Water utilities serve a large customer base, which makes billing a time-consuming and resource-intensive process without the proper software.
  • Integration: The billing process interconnects with other systems, like customer communication and notifications. Utilities need a software system that can link these together.

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Our Service Benefits

Muni-Link is the only provider dedicated exclusively to offering software for water utilities to complete municipal billing, making our solution an excellent choice for your company. Our parent company, Link Computer Corporation, has a history of over 40 years in business, lending expertise to our operations. 

Our software solution was designed with input from four municipal authorities, so it suits the unique needs of the industry. We provide regular updates as part of the package. The software’s intuitive design means any water and sewer company can make a seamless switch.

Our billing software is CASS certified to reduce undeliverable and unsortable mail which ensures that addresses are accurate. CASS Certification is built into Muni-Link, saving you thousands in mailing costs.

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Water Billing Management System

Turn to Muni-Link when you need an urban and rural water billing software solution. Our software streamlines billing and enhances communication with customers. Reach out online to get more information about our cloud-based utility billing software.

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Water Utility Billing Software