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Billing Software for Municipalities

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Modernize and enhance your utility billing processes with Muni-Link. We offer utility billing software for municipalities that covers all major utilities, including water, gas, waste and heating. With our software solutions, you can overcome slow manual billing processes and ensure compliance and safety as you collect customer data.

Muni-Link is a cloud-based municipal utility billing software that lets you manage the billing process seamlessly from anywhere. With excellent support and ongoing updates, you can rely on this system for years to come.

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Utility Billing Software for Municipalities

Municipalities and other local governments tend to operate on outdated systems that impact the speed, accuracy and security of their billing processes. Manual systems make the billing process take much longer, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and the need for additional support in resolving disputes.

Another issue municipalities run into is validating and processing a large volume of bills. The high volume may lead to errors or increase the time it takes to send customers invoices. Beyond speed, municipalities need a secure system that keeps information safe to protect customers and maintain regulatory compliance.

Billing Software for Municipalities

Muni-Link Municipal Billing Software

Muni-Link offers a fully integrated, cloud-based platform that follows you throughout the entire billing process, from your work in the office to the bill the customer receives. The system can automate your municipal billing processes. 

We made our software with the assistance of four different utilities. Details like invoice templates include all the information you need with options for customization. Set rates and bill for multiple utility services in the same system. Here are a few features the software offers:

  • Utility billing
  • Customer communications
  • Customer self serve
  • Customer notifications 
  • Field service orders

You also get real-time integration of credit card processing, accounting and other systems to make the software suit your operations. With Muni-Link serving your municipality’s billing, you can reduce service costs, securely back up data and enhance your business’s use of resources.

We provide individualized attention throughout the implementation process, ensuring our software solution is as seamless as possible. With ongoing support after the go-live, our goal is to ensure you can use the software to its fullest potential.

Advantages of Choosing Us

Muni-Link began when our parent company worked with municipal authorities and discovered their need for modern billing software. Our expertise in creating custom software and offering other IT services stretches back to 1980. Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Focus: While other companies may provide billing software, we’re the only one with a singular focus on municipalities and government organizations. 
  • Accessibility: With cloud-based functionalities, our system works wherever you are. 
  • Successes: We have worked with a number of municipalities for successful software implementations.

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Software Solutions for Municipalities

Get municipal government software to handle your utility billing from Muni-Link. Our solutions enable you to effectively manage billing and provide a consistently updated system to keep you ahead. Reach out to our team online to discuss our solutions for municipalities.

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Billing Software for Municipalities