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Muni-Link provides cloud-based utility billing software to enhance government and municipal billing processes. We also offer a customer communication platform. Our solutions are entirely online, allowing you access from anywhere. Get ready to streamline your billing and communication processes, creating a better experience for you and your customers.


Muni-Link Products

Muni-Link provides two products to assist you in various tasks related to water and sewer utilities. Read about our products below for more information about the advantages of cloud-based software for municipal billing.

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Muni-Link Utility Billing

Many municipalities and utilities operate on outdated billing systems. This software can slow the billing process and lead to more frequent errors. At Muni-Link, we recognized the need for a better solution while working with utilities. We worked with four water and sewer utilities to design Muni-Link Utility Billing, a customer information system (CIS) that fulfills your billing needs. 

Over time, we have expanded and improved this CIS software based on customer recommendations. We have added functionality like service orders, a backflow inspection manager and a customer self-service portal. 

With most information on an Account Central page, the system is easy to use. Our team offers a proven transition process that suits your time frame. We also provide ongoing customer service to answer any questions that arise while using the software. 

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Muni-Link WebPresence

Utility service providers sometimes need to share information with the public, but the process may be time-consuming and require a high level of technical skill. Muni-Link WebPresence provides Customer Communication Management (CCM) software that’s easy to use, even for beginners. It lets you share information with the public about any significant developments and concerns. The software also enables you to post: 

  • Educational resources 
  • Job applications 
  • Forms 
  • Event information 
  • Municipal policies 
  • Surveys 

Updating to a new website takes time and effort. You need one that suits the specifics of your industry while holding to an implementation timeline and budget. Muni-Link’s expertise in industry-specific website building makes the process easy. We can copy existing site information to a new development site or build one from scratch using standard industry information. We even have a library of topics and industry info to provide fresh content ideas throughout the year.

When you work with Muni-Link for CCM software, you get unlimited support to keep your solution running smoothly. We’ll keep your website updated and accessible to you and your customers.

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We’ll enhance your utility bill management and other processes with tailored software solutions built for the municipal industry. Learn more about our Utility Billing or WebPresence services by contacting Muni-Link online today.