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As a utility service provider, your municipality occasionally needs to communicate with the public about major developments or concerns. Muni-Link’s customer communication system, WebPresence, provides a modern and reliable way to connect with customers. Learn more about how our CCM services work and their benefits.

What Is WebPresence?

WebPresence is our intuitive web-based communication platform. We created a content management system that lets you share information with the public easily, no matter your level of technical ability or skill. 

WebPresence can transform your municipality’s website into a genuine portal, allowing you to provide access to educational resources and customized information. Approved users can post content including job applications, surveys, forms, events and municipal policies.


WebPresence Features & Benefits

WebPresence Case Studies



Easy-to-Use Website-Based Communication Platform

WebPresence makes it easy for you to communicate information to the public using a modern, user-friendly website framework. The WebPresence team has built an easy-to-use content management system that allows people at any level of technical knowledge to effectively communicate information to the public.

Easy to Get Started

One of the most common barriers preventing people from updating to a new website is the time and effort it takes to get started. Our strategy is to do as much of the setup work with as little effort as possible from new customers.

If you already have a website, our team will copy your existing information onto our framework and present you with a development site to review. If you do not have an existing website, we will build one for you using a template that includes common industry information.

Our team of specialists will have you up and running on schedule and on budget. We have been implementing industry-specific websites since 2015, and in that time we have developed a proven process to streamline every implementation, no matter how complex. You can feel confident your website will launch when needed.

Fresh Content

Since 2015, our team has collected a library of industry-specific information based on information and topics posted by our customers. The Content Library is available to all WebPresence customers and has free unlimited usage. We also provide suggestions and reminders for fresh content ideas throughout the year to make it easy to keep your website fresh.


Website-Based Customer Communication System

WebPresence streamlines customer communication, making it easier for you to engage with them, share information and for customers to reach out to you when they have a concern.


Our Support Services

Our Pennsylvania-based support team is always available to address any questions or issues you may encounter once your new website goes live. All WebPresence customers have access to free unlimited support. The WebPresence support team is available by phone, email or chat to help with your website and can advise on industry-specific issues such as ADA requirements, water quality reports or even content organization.

With WebPresence, you can easily build a world-class website, even if your tech skills are limited. Some of the features of the system include:

  • The ability to post news in real time: Keep your customers up to date on service interruptions including emergencies as well as planned operations such as hydrant flushing. You can simply share it via announcement once and then have it posted to your website and social media. You can also send the message to customers via email and text. If you’d prefer, you can let our support team handle this operation for you. 
  • An extensive content library: All WebPresence customers get access to our large content library of topics and industry-specific information suggested by our customers. You can use anything in the content library for free. We’ll also give you content ideas and reminders to keep your website fresh and engaging for your customers. 
  • Public notification wizard: Use our announcement templates or create your own. Our wizard walks you through the process of notifying the public regarding any concerns or updates.
  • Unlimited support: We offer free, unlimited customer support by email, phone or chat. We’re here for you if you encounter any issues or have any questions about your website. We can provide support and advice on topics including water quality reports and ADA requirements. 

CCM Software Help

Your municipality’s website is often the first communication you have with customers. Make things easier for them, and you, by keeping your website updated and accessible. We’re experts in setting up a functional, intuitive and useful website that’s a reliable communication tool for your team.

Transform your organization’s capabilities with our WebPresence service and billing software to give you more time helping your customers. Schedule your demo today to learn more and get started transitioning to the future!