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Muni-Link Utility Billing

Muni-Link Utility Billing

Seamless Integration

Municipal Utility Billing Solutions

The Muni-Link Billing module was designed with the help from 4 different water and sewer utilities (Design Partners) to fill a void in the marketplace for a state-of-the-art billing solution. Muni-Link Billing is constantly being updated with new features and functionality; all of which has been suggested by our customers based on the ongoing needs of this marketplace.

Muni-Link is not just an ordinary customer information system (CIS), we are so much more. When we first started Muni-Link we just handled Utility Billing, as we’ve grown we’ve added more and more modules to the core of Muni-Link. We have developed WebPresence (Customer Communications), Notifications, Service Orders, Backflow Inspection Manager, Customer Self-Service Portal, Loans, and Stormwater to name a few. We have also added numerous integrations. 

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Muni-Link Billing Module

Benefits of Muni-Link Software

One of the most important requests from all 4 Design Partners was to display as much information as possible on the main account page. We accomplish this request through our Account Central page. At a quick glance a user is able to quickly answer any question that a customer inquires about their service address.

Our professional implementation team has transitioned hundreds of customers from various solutions to Muni-Link Billing. We have a documented and proven process that allows this transition to be tailored to your timeframe and needs.


With built-in wizard-based work flows, Muni-Link Billing will drastically reduce the time you spend on billing runs, payment receipts and just about every other task you do in regard to billing and customer service.

Muni-Link Billing is a complete cloud system and was designed from the ground up to be in the cloud. Meaning all you need is a web browser and access to the internet. You don’t have to worry about additional upfront costs for purchasing hardware, we take care of all of that for you with one low monthly price.


Simply put, we have the best customer service in the business, and our customers rave about us. Speak to a live Customer Support Specialist every time. Currently, over 93% of all incoming calls for Muni-Link support are answered live at the time of the call.

You can reach our Customer Service team via phone, email, and chat. They are available and ready to answer any questions you may have while using Muni-Link Billing.