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Muni-Link Launches Service Line Inspection Manager Module

Muni-Link Launches Service Line Inspection Manager Module

Bellwood, June 26, 2023 – The deadline for submitting the Service Line Inventory is fast approaching,
and Muni-Link is here to assist water utilities in meeting this crucial requirement. Muni-Link, a leading
provider of utility management software solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative
module, Muni-Link Service Line Inspection Manager (SLIM).

SLIM revolutionizes the process of creating and updating service line inventories, offering water utilities
an efficient and comprehensive solution. Leveraging information from the utility billing system, SLIM
generates the initial service line inventory, which can be further enhanced through record reviews, field
inspections, and existing data from GIS systems.

With SLIM, water utilities can seamlessly integrate date from various sources, including tap cards, as-built drawings, permits, GIS, and other relevant resources into a centralized inventory database. The module seamlessly integrates with Muni-Link Field Service Order module, enabling the creation of service orders for service line inspections, and updating the inventory with inspection results.

To ensure accurate classification, SLIM utilizes the information provided by each service line to
determine its lead status. The module intelligently identifies whether a service line is classified as lead,
non-lead, galvanized requiring replacement, or lead status unknown, based on the data input.

Muni-Link goes above and beyond the inventory creation process. Once the service line inventory is
complete, the module generates a file in the required format for submission to the appropriate state
authority. This ensures compliance with the impending October 16, 2024 deadline.

However, SLIM’s benefits extend beyond the initial inventory submission. The module facilitates ongoing
updates for annual submission, tracks water sampling, and monitors lead line replacements. Muni-Link
is committed to providing a comprehensive solution that streamlines the entire process and supports
water utilities in maintaining accurate and up-to-date service line inventories.

“We understand the challenges faced by water utilities in complying with service line inventory
requirements,” said Derek McLaurin, Director of Design and Strategy at Muni-Link. “SLIM is designed to
simplify the process, reduce administrative burden, and enable utilities to meet their obligations
efficiently. We are excited to offer this solution and assist our clients in managing their service line
inventories effectively.”

Muni-Link encourages all customers to take advantage of the Muni-Link Service Line Inspection Manager
(SLIM) module to streamline their service line inventory processes. For more information or to request a
demonstration/quote, please visit or contact Muni-Link Support at 814-822-1212.

About Muni-Link is a leading provider of utility management software solutions, offering comprehensive
and user-friendly tools to streamline operations for water utilities. With a commitment to innovation
and customer satisfaction, Muni-Link empowers utilities to enhance efficiency, compliance, and
customer service. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
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Vice President Sales and Marketing

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