Features & Benefits

Utility Billing Software - Features and BenefitsWith Muni-Link, tasks such as billing, payments, penalties, interest, notices, liens and backflow are all easy to do. And because it is intuitive with built-in workflow features, and your CASS certification is built in, you will save time and money on every single bill you process. All of this is delivered as a Cloud-Based Solution meaning that you can access your information anywhere, anytime and with virtually any device with a browser!

There are many benefits to choosing Muni-Link as your billing solution.  These are the unique features that only Muni-Link offers our customers; things that truly set us apart from all other solutions.  Because our staff has experience transitioning customers from a wide-variety of systems over to our Muni-Link solution, we can guarantee you a smooth transition.  We will commit our full resources and industry knowledge to ensure your extreme satisfaction with our solution.

Data Security

Because our software is hosted at a Tier-4 World-Class Data Center, it means your data is safer than it would be at a typical brick and mortar building.  24/7 onsite security officers, CCTV, biometric & magnetic key card access are just a few of the security measures in place.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

This is built in and included in your low monthly subscription fee.  We will automatically backup all of your data so that you don’t have to.  This also means substantial savings for you as you no longer need to maintain equipment in-house.

The Switch

When you choose Muni-Link, we will be part of the entire 9-step process of moving from your current billing system over to Muni-Link.  Your entire staff will receive personalized training and Muni-Link personnel will be on-site with you when you go live.  The switch will be completely worry-free. See the 9-steps here.

Ongoing Development

We are continually enhancing Muni-Link, on a monthly basis, based on customer feedback and evolving market needs, occasionally adding major features – all of which you receive at no additional cost or down-time.

Customer Service

Simply put, we have the best customer service in the business and our customers rave about us.  Speak to a live Customer Support Specialist every time. Currently, over 93% of all incoming calls for Muni-Link support are answered live at the time of the call.

User Defined Services

Miscellaneous charges and rate tables allow you to calculate bills in many different fashions. Service Orders allow for scheduling your staff to perform tasks in the field and bill for these tasks all with just a few clicks.  Our customers have found these capabilities to be invaluable in their day to day operations.

Big or Small, our customers love us.

"I don’t know what to do with myself.. I feel like I’m missing something. Trust me, you’re making my life easier!"
~Jenn Emig, Billing Clerk, Municipal Water Authority of Greenville
"Muni-Link has been like a Godsend to me.  I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come along and saved me from my old software!  My billing run process has easily been cut in half."
~Tracey Bechtel, Administrative Assistant/Billing


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