With Muni-Link’s “Integration Manager,” we make it straightforward and simple to connect other applications with Muni-Link. Since Muni-Link is both a Utility Billing solution and a full Customer Information System, it is important to integrate to other solutions in place with our utility customers. Muni-Link has current or planned integrations with the following technologies

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Asset Management

Real-time integration to various asset management solutions streamlines the coordination of billing and fieldwork. Work orders are automatically managed between systems from dispatch to completion. The overall solution creates improved communication with both field services and also customers providing up-to-the-minute information for shutoff payments and work orders.

Meter Reading Software (AMI/AMR)

Muni-Link has full support for any type of AMI or AMR meter reading system.


Muni-Link has real-time integration to GIS for validating Service Addresses and the ability to share service address demographics, meter, and usage information with GIS.

Accounting / ERP

Muni-Link offers real-time integration to several Accounting solutions and integrates with most Accounting solutions.

Outsourced Print & Mail

Muni-Link integrates with many Print & Mail providers throughout the United States.

This will truly give you the best of all worlds, allowing you to choose the specific solutions that best fit your needs, while also saving you money by not having to purchase expensive multi-module software systems.

Utility Cloud + Muni-Link Utility Billing Integration

Now your customer service team can manage customer dispatches, see when work is complete and drill-down on project details.

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Bridge your operations, maintenance, billing & customer service teams

Coordinating billing and fieldwork can be complex – whether you’re dispatching a technician to the field for a shut-off or any other customer service action. Billing departments don’t always have an effective way to manage dispatches to the customer and know when that work is done.

Without an integration between billing and the field, coordination requires several phone calls, paper record-keeping, missed work or billing opportunities, and wasted time. Communicating with customers on issues that may directly impact them or their area of town is not always straightforward or even possible.

Generate work orders in Muni-Link

Dispatch work orders to Utility Cloud based on specific actions: run a meter reading, shut off service, automatically create new accounts for a new move-in, and much more.

Assign, manage and complete work directly from Utility Cloud

Work orders created in Muni-Link will automatically map across to Utility Cloud, where dispatches can be assigned, managed and completed as usual.

View completed work and details in the Muni-Link backend

When the status of the work changes, Utility Cloud instantly updates Muni-Link with relevant data. Dispatch details are included directly in the MuniLink system.

Conversely, when billable work is performed in Utility Cloud, details are posted to Muni-Link’s billing system. For example: cross-connection and backflow prevention, industrial pretreatment, Fats Oils and Grease (FOG) activities like inspections, fines, and retests.

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Save money on administrative projects

Save time on administrative tasks: move in/move out coordinations, meter re-readings, and shut on/shut-offs.

Improve customer service with proactive communications

Communicate with field service and customers on up to the minute payments for shutoffs, work orders and replacements with advanced customer notifications.

Automatically bill for billable work and capture lost revenue

Identify non-paying accounts and prioritize follow-ups where they’re needed most.

Quantify leaks across systems and prioritize capital needs

Measure differences between revenue water and expected water volume across your network. Focus on the area that are reporting leaking/lost water.