About Link Computer CorporationAbout Link Computer Corporation

Founded in 1980, Link has become a valued and trusted IT advisor to many businesses and organizations both large and small. We are a full-service IT provider and Premier Certified business partner of companies like IBM, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, and others. Because of our Premier Partner status, our Specialists and Engineers hold an extraordinary amount of certifications and are truly experts in the industry.

Link Computer Corporation has been developing software for over 35 years for companies, schools, state and local government, hospitals and other organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions. Our software development projects have included accounting, ERP, web, e-commerce, billing, payroll and many more custom development solutions. We have developed many custom software solutions for local counties and municipal authorities as well.

About Muni-LinkAbout Muni-Link

Muni-Link is the only municipal billing software on the market with the unique distinction of being designed with input from four Municipal Authorities. The ability to accomplish more with fewer steps was high on everyone's list of must-haves. This resulted in the time-saving feature we call "Account Central". Our customers love it, and here's why. Absolutely all information you might need access to for a customer account, all billing and accounting information, work orders, etc. is available from one screen. One. Gone are the days of drilling down through countless screens to send a customer an adjusted bill!

Other issues that needed to be addressed was the ability to access the data base from other locations and not just from the office computer. Another point that needed to be addressed was that constant interruptions for software updates cost time and money. These two issues were solved with one great idea. We made Muni-Link a cloud-based solution. Now you can access your accounts and information from wherever you are from any device. Plus, no one needs to come into your office to perform updates. They're done during non-business hours so your day to day operations are never interrupted. And that means you never pay for software updates. Ever. Another added benefit of cloud-based software is that back-up and recovery systems are built-in and done automatically. Your data is now more secure than ever before.

Development PartnersAbout Our Development Partners

Muni-Link was developed years ago from the ground up with four important development partners. These are Altoona Water Authority, Monroeville Municipal Authority, Highland Sewer and Water and Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority. These four partners bill for over 190,000 service accounts and are extremely satisfied with the solution, customer service and our organization.

Take a product tour to see Muni-Link in action. There are many more amazing and unique features that this ground-breaking solution has to offer thanks to the input from our design partners. Once you see what it can do, you're going to want to thank them. It's okay, go ahead. They deserve it; they helped make Muni-Link the stand-out software on the market that it is today.

Big or Small, our customers love us.

"EVERYONE wants to find a product as great as this one is along with good support.  We are SO HAPPY we made the switch and are confident that anyone else who chooses Muni-Link software will not be disappointed."
~Judy Miller, North Londonderry Township
"I was very scared.  I had a lot of pressure on me because I was short staffed.  I was truly frantic.  However, it was the most painless process ever! There was Muni-Link staff right here with me during the conversion.  Information was forwarded to me well ahead of time, and I felt well trained when we went live."
~Tracey Bechtel, Administrative Assistant/Billing, Lower Swatara Township


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