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Success Stories

What Our Users Say

“My IT staff told me that they had been through many implementations and this one was one of the best if not the best…Leigha and the Muni-Link team get an A++++ from me and my staff at the City of …

Debbie Reaves

Finance Director, City of Asheboro, NC

“The support staff for WebPresence is amazing! They monitor our accounts and let us know of any issues before we are even aware of them. The website is easy to navigate and Muni-Link has made the process of updating our …

Jody Poorbaugh

Blairsville Municipal Authority

“Our billing went from 5 days (yes days!) to 2 hours. It otherwise saves us so much time over our previous billing system. It is the best move we could ever have made.”

Patty Garrett

Office Manager, Hanover Township Sewer Authority, PA

“I honestly can’t think of one thing that Muni-Link could have done better… We look forward to our future with Muni-Link and all the exciting features the program has to offer”

Carol Benedict

Utilities Director, City of London, OH

“When compared to our previous billing software company, Muni-Link is 2nd to none.”

Cheryl Krestar

Sewage Operations Manager, Johnstown Redevelopment Authority

“I am alerted to any possible billing errors before bills are printed which helps to avoid costly mistakes.”

Donna Martin

Windsor Borough Municipal Authority, PA

“Their response time is incredible and the support team is extremely helpful.”

Ellen Fisher

Utilities Commission City of New Smyrna Beach

“I don’t know what to do with myself.. I feel like I’m missing something. Trust me, you’re making my life easier!”

Jenn Emig

Billing Clerk, Municipal Water Authority of Greenville

“The transition from our previous billing system to Muni-Link was pretty painless.”

Jeanne Knutson

Administrator, Shorecrest Estates Water Company, WA

“This is a very sophisticated system that once you learn it, it can be very beneficial to you.”

Janet Klein

Office Manager, Brooke County PSD, WV

“This is a great billing software to use. It is very user friendly and easy to learn. The program is very affordable and is an excellent value. It reduces time, workload and stress.”

Karen St Clair

Assistant Treasurer, East Petersburg Borough

“This software is designed perfectly for our industry.”

Laura Kamienski

Office Manager, Evans City Water & Sewer Authority, PA

“I absolutely love Muni-Link.  It was an amazingly easy transition from our old software”

Kylie Rhone

Billing Manager, Huntingdon Borough

“Makes Billing so Easy. Everything I need is right there! One of the easiest programs I have ever worked with.”

Karen St. Clair

East Petersburg Borough Water Department

“Whoever is taking care of WebPresence support deserves a giant raise… that guy takes such great care of us and has even taken care of issues before we even realized they were issues.”

Michele George

Monroeville Water Authority

“The software is very easy to use. The billing is step by step. I would recommend this to any businesses thinking of going to Muni-Link.”

Susan Lee

Administrative Assistant/Billing, Blairsville Municipal Authority

“We’ve noticed a substantial increase in our Autodraft and Ebilling signups after switching to Muni-Link WebPresence.”

Michele George

Monroeville Water Authority