Value Add Services

Printing Services

Whether you are large or small…bill monthly, quarterly, or annually…we can create a custom-design utility bill and envelope for you.  Whether you send post cards, full-sized invoices, or booklets, our Graphic Design and Printing Specialist will deliver a quality, professional product every time.   You can reduce your ink costs, your paper costs, wear & tear on your equipment and save time!  

Mailing Services

Let the Muni-Link team help streamline your operations even further when you let us handle your mailing burden.  Let's face it, you've got a lot to accomplish from month to month and processing billing runs are very time consuming. When you let our experts take over this role, you’ll benefit from immediate savings on postage, reduced labor, barcoding for quicker delivery and much more!

Technology Services

Upgrading and modernizing your office is more affordable than you think!  We are Certified Re-sellers of companies like IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, and others.  If you're in need of new PCs, laptops, printers, or phone systems, look no further.  Because of our positive customer ratings and volume purchasing, we can pass along deep discounts to our customers.  

Technology Partners LogosMuni-Link is the most comprehensive and affordable utility billing solution available on the market today. But it doesn't stop there! We offer additional services that will eliminate the time and expense involved in printing and mailing your billing runs.

Founded in 1980, Link Computer Corporation--the power behind Muni-Link--is a trusted business partner of all of the Major brands that every modern office needs to operate professionally and efficiently. You can trust us to handle your billing needs as well as your computer equipment needs, telecommunications, and everything I.T.

We'll even become your IT department if you need one. Our NetCare Assist offering gives you proactive server support and desktop monitoring for your technology, keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. Expert technology support gives you improved productivity along with protection against the unpredictable should a disaster strike. We'll be there when you need us. Contact Mark Higgins NetCare Specialist 814-742-7700 ext. 333 to learn more.

Big or Small, our customers love us.

"EVERYONE wants to find a product as great as this one is along with good support.  We are SO HAPPY we made the switch and are confident that anyone else who chooses Muni-Link software will not be disappointed."
~Judy Miller, North Londonderry Township
"Muni-Link has been like a Godsend to me.  I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come along and saved me from my old software!  My billing run process has easily been cut in half."
~Tracey Bechtel, Administrative Assistant/Billing


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